Standard villas are easy to find on the island, but this is a unique and lavish property
— Justin - Tripadvisor

Atelier House is unique on Barbados. It brings a touch of relaxed contemporary chic to an island that sometimes displays a bit of faded glory. Our thinking when conceiving the building was to create a space that echoed a comfortable art gallery that one could live in

We built Atelier House on a virgin piece of land overlooking a stunning mahogany wood with beautiful views to the sea. We always wanted to build a house from scratch and, once we saw this plot, knew it had to be here. The design flowed from the topography of the land and our admiration for South American contemporary modern, the chief exponent of which is, in our view, Marcio Kogan.

We decided to let it out to discerning clients because we got such an amazing response to it from visitors and wanted to share the experience with others.

Like your own private 5 star boutique hotel! Magnificent.
You will not be disappointed.
— Sarah - Tripadvisor

The layout is designed to maximize the views from the plot so the shape of the building follows the lines of the boundary. We separated day/living space from night/sleeping space for reasons of practicality — i.e. when the kids are in bed the adults can play without disturbing them!

The interiors use a simple palette of limestone and white painted walls to provide unity in all spaces and allow carefully chosen pieces of art and furniture some space to breathe.
 The dimensions of openings, walkways and rooms is intended to provide comfortable mobility such that a guest should never feel pinched for space.

The house is simply stunning, a glorious, spacious and relaxing environment
— Kate - Tripadvisor